In order to relax and unwind after your busy move to Chicago, consider visiting the Chicago Arts District in Pilsen East. This summer between Friday, August 8 and Friday, September 12, Halsted & 18 Streets will come alive every other week with local artists, gallery owners, and enthusiasts. The Chicago Arts District features a variety of works from local artists, and is a great way to get introduced to the city. The Chicago household movers at Boyer Rosene recommend attending at least once.

Properties in Pilsen East were purchased for over three generations by the Podmajersky family, then converted to the Chicago Arts District with the goal of supporting local artists and entrepreneurs. When you visit the Arts District, you will be able to see over 30 galleries. The event is informal, so feel free to take a self-guided tour at your own pace. If you or anyone in your family is interested in a career as an artist or a gallery owner, the Chicago Arts District offers valuable opportunities for networking.

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