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Whether your piano is brand new or a family heirloom, they all have one thing in common; weight! And although an heirloom may not hold the same monetary value as a new piano, the sentimental value can never be replaced. At Boyer-Rosene we have years of experience in Chicago piano moving and offer expert handlers and modern equipment to ease your beloved keyboard instrument to its new location. The inner workings of a piano are just as sensitive as its outer shell and there are certain methods to eliminate the risk of damage to both. We can strategize a piano move in any environment.

Even with difficult stair cases and tight turns in a hallway; if the piano was able to get in we can get it out. We have heard stories about inexperienced moving companies cracking or altogether ruining pianos because they didn't know the first thing about wrapping them and the angles you cannot move them in. Our team is trained to execute Chicago piano moving at an expert level and we will never compromise your piano at any time.  Just as playing a piano well takes practice and skill, moving one does as well!

Arlington Heights Piano Moving

Some people know everything about their pianos while others couldn't tell you if it was vertical or horizontal. Once you hire us to perform your Chicago or Arlington Heights piano moving you won't have to worry about any details until we deliver it to your new residence or office. After that the only detail will be what song to learn next! Here are some of the services of our Chicagoland piano moving:

  • Expert Crew
  • Competitive Prices
  • Rigging and Hoisting
  • Local and Long Distance
  • Room-to-Room is Available

If you are ready for a free quote on your Chicago piano moving call us now at (847) 416-2059 or fill out our online form. We will be happy to explain how our piano moving operation works and provide you with a no obligation quote on the spot. Contact Us now!