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Everyone wishes they had a little extra space in their home. Often times we decide it’s a good idea to cram random items into a closet or what used to be a spare bedroom. Seasonal items such as decorations, lawnmowers, and snow blowers all take up space and most families try to squeeze it all in their garage.  At Boyer-Rosene we offer a solution to these Chicago household storage issues and allow you to have that spare bedroom back and be able to park your car in your garage again! We have helped families all over Chicagoland reclaim their free space and are confident we can help you too.

We have several storage options in place for long and short term leases regardless of the size and amount of your items. You can also choose to have your belongings wrapped and stored in wooden crates for added security or to ready for shipment at any time. Our Chicago household storage policies are built around convenience for our customers.

Arlington Heights Household Storage

All household storage, whether it’s from the city or the suburbs, will be monitored under 24 hour closed circuit security system. This system includes sensors for smoke, fire, and intrusion so once you drop off your belongings with us you can rest assured they will be in the exact same condition when you pick them up. Here is a quick list of the Arlington Heights household storage amenities for you:

  • 24 Hour Security
  • Fire Protection
  • Smoke Protection
  • Vaulted Storage
  • Easy Access

Are you ready for your free household storage quote? Call us right now at (847) 416-2059 or fill out our simple online form to get a no obligation quote from a Boyer-Rosene specialist. We offer competitive prices in the Chicago storage market so contact us today for your free quote!