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Whether you’re moving an office within the building or a headquarters across the city, Boyer-Rosene has the capability and scalability to provide you with all of the required commercial moving services, storage and relocation-related solutions.

Office Relocations

Traditionally, movers focus on labor, trucks and equipment. We pay attention to the bigger picture, about what really moves your business. We provide an innovative, cost effective solution to transport your sensitive documents, technology, furnishings and business critical property.

  • On-Site Estimates with Competitive Pricing
  • Pre and Post Move Consultation & Services
  • Professional IT Transition Management
  • Furniture disassembly, relocation, installation, reconfiguration and liquidation
  • Asset Management, including inventory, warehousing, disposal & recycling


We have Healthcare moving down to a science! We provide medical facilities, hospitals, major pharmaceutical and biotech companies with expertise to move sensitive equipment, laboratories, and healthcare materials. We specialize in the handling of incubators, -80°degree and lab freezers, centrifuges, microscopes and refrigerated and frozen work in progress. Our services include disassembling, relocation and setting up equipment, furniture, fixtures and labs with the utmost care, insuring minimal downtime to the facility, staff and patient network.

  • Detailed labeling and inventories for proper setup.
  • Rolling dollies, crates and carts to limit handling and jostling of high-value electronics
  • Custom packing of lab equipment and supplies
  • Tailored packing solutions of refrigerated and frozen work-in-progress
  • Labeling, packing, unpacking, of bench top set up
  • Post-move services and debris removal

Data Centers and IT Transition Management

We focused on a business process designed to relocate your sensitive computer systems, securely and efficiently.  We have the expertise, technology and resources to provide a tailored solution to fit a client’s business needs and reduce the potential of disruptions to their critical business operations

  • Single rack relocations to full data center moves
  • White glove specialized handling, packing and relocation services
  • Anti-static wrapping and packing sheets
  • Equipment carts designed to protect hardware in transit
  • Air-ride suspension vehicles for reduced impact on sensitive equipment
  • Chain of Custody procedures designed to insure that all items containing data are accounted for during the entire relocation process
  • Serial numbered Security seals for totes and trailers

Industrial / Retail / Warehouse

From initial strategy to final placement, every aspect of our industrial moving process is fine-tuned for flawless execution and minimal disruption and downtime.

  • Supply Chain solutions
  • Warehousing
  • A complete end-to-end relocation plan and timeline
  • Meticulous labeling, tracking, and space planning
  • Specialized equipment that supports efficient asset relocation
  • Rigging and machinery moving services
  • Contingency plans that ensure on-time, on-budget delivery

Decommission/Disposal Services

Decommissioning is the last step of the business relocation process, geared to return a facility to the condition stated in the terms of the client’s lease. The terms can range from broom swept to full removal of all non-affixed assets, including office furniture and IT equipment.

  • Removal and liquidation/recycling of remaining furniture, fixtures and equipment to include modular systems furniture and filing systems.
  • Vacuum office carpeting and tile flooring to a “Broom Swept” condition.
  • Provide a “Green” Liquidation and Recycling solution targeted for re-use rather than landfill disposal.

Project Management

With over 100 years of combined experience in managing some of Chicago’s largest and most complex moves, Boyer-Rosene has the knowledge and experience to properly plan and execute your relocation creating a transparent process.  We are able to identify and address any potential pitfalls to your move, keeping you organized and on budget, while mitigating any risks that would disrupt your move along the way.

IT Disconnect/Reconnect Services

Need assistance with the IT demands related to a move? We can assist with the disconnect/reconnect of all your computer setups, deployment of new equipment, mounting of monitor arms and monitors.  We have skilled technicians who specialize in augmenting your staff or completely fulfilling the IT-related demands of a business move.

Packing/Unpacking Services

To ensure your office is prepared for move day, we offer all levels of optional packing & unpacking support. Whether it be your Copy Room, Kitchen/Pantry, or large complex file system, Boyer-Rosene has the experience and processes to ensure a smooth and efficient packing/unpacking experience. 


Boyer-Rosene has two warehouses servicing the Chicagoland area.  Strategically located in Arlington Heights and Bolingbrook, both commercial storage warehouse locations combine to just over 200,000 square feet of storage space available to our clients.

Installation Services

Are you moving Office sets, workstations, wall-mounted TVs or Whiteboards?  Chances are along with your move, you may need dismantle & reinstallation services.  With Boyer-Rosene’s commercial moving services, your office move benefits from industry experts and comprehensive resources:  a one-stop shop solution for all your office moving & installation needs.

Post-Move Support

Need assistance after your business relocation with support staff to address any potential needs?  We can augment your needs with post-move labor and management. Boyer-Rosene’s comprehensive commercial moving services ensure your relocation requirements are met.

Move Materials

Whether you plan to do the packing or opt for comprehensive commercial moving services, we offer the supplies you need. Boyer Rosene provides a wide variety of quality packing materials necessary to protect your valuable business assets and facility. We can provide packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, boxes, moving labels, computer/peripheral bags, shrink wrap, TV cartons, and picture cartons and more.  

Our commercial moving services includes providing pre-printed move labels & corresponding locational placards to hang in your new space to ensure that all items are relocated to their proper location.

Crate Rental

Plastic moving crates:

  • Provide a sturdier, more eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.
  • Their Ergonomic design allows for an easy and efficient packing/unpacking process.
  • Plus they save time and money with less labor and equipment needed for your move!