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Chicago Specialized Moving

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When it comes down to moving expensive, sensitive, or exceptionally heavy materials our Chicago specialized moving services can handle anything you need relocated. While our normal residential and commercial moving services are designed to move your everyday items, certain objects such as pianos and fine arts need more attention due to their fragility and value. Customers from all walks of life have come to us to solve their Chicago specialized moving needs and we have always answered the call.

The truth is Boyer-Rosene has the equipment, experience, and manpower to accomplish even the most complicated of specialized moving requests. If you think a piano is hard to move across the room, imagine moving it down a flight of stairs. Paintings and sculptures may not be as heavy or awkward, but how did they arrive at your home or office? Chances are they were carefully wrapped and shipped with the utmost care and we intend to do the same when we take it to its next location. Specialized moving is a science and we take pride in our abilities.

Arlington Heights Special Moving

Boyer-Rosene offers several different kinds of specialized moving. We also serve all of Chicagoland so if you need Bolingbrook, Aurora, or Arlington Heights specialized moving we have you covered. Here are some of the specific types of specialized moving we offer:

Piano Mover
Pianos are not only heavy, their shell is soft and the inner workings are very sensitive to movement. Leave this one to the professionals.

Fine Arts Movers
The fastest way to lose value on your fine art is not taking the proper steps to protect them. We have a strict regimen to keep them in mint condition.

Trade Show Moving
Trust Boyer-Rosene to have your exhibit picked up and delivered on-time. Trust us; we understand the importance of punctuality!

Are you serious about taking the proper care for your special needs items? Call us today at (847) 416-2059 or fill out our online form for a free quote right now. You will receive a no obligation quote and we can explain our Chicago specialized moving services in more detail. Contact us right away!