Are you planning on making a move soon? You can get plenty of help with the process from long-distance movers across the Midwest. But many people like to DIY the packing process for extra savings. Use the same moving boxes that professional movers do to ensure your belongings make the transition without damage.

Rectangular Boxes of Various Sizes

Standard boxes are perfectly fine for use when packing most household items. You can find boxes in multiple sizes that usually fit within three categories:

  • Small Box: These boxes are ideal for utensils, knick-knacks, and small-sized but heavy items. Most small boxes measure up to 14 inches long.
  • Medium Box: Place slightly bigger items or lots of smaller items of the same category in these boxes measuring up to 18 inches in length.
  • Large Box: You can fit lightweight but bulky items in large boxes measuring up to 24 inches long. Some examples include countertop appliances, computers and monitors, and linens and towels.

Dish Packs

It’s difficult to pack dishware in standard boxes. Even wrapping glasses and plates in newspaper or plastic won’t ensure they don’t slide around in transport. Keep your dishware safe and sound by using dish packs. These unique boxes have reinforced sides and come with adjustable cardboard dividers. You can keep individual glasses separate or ensure a stack of plates remains in place.

Mattress Box

It’s a good idea to put your mattress under some kind of protection. Some homeowners just opt for a stretch wrap or plastic, but if you have invested a lot into your mattress a sturdy box is better. Mattress boxes are sized to fit different types of beds without extra space to prevent shifting in transport too.

Mirror Box

They say that a broken mirror is seven years’ worth of bad luck. So, make sure that your mirrors stay intact throughout that relocation by packing them in a protective mirror box. These boxes come in two parts that slide over one another to snugly encase mirrors and other large, flat objects.

Television Box

It’s also important to place your television inside a sturdy box so that it’s easier to carry and the screen is protected from impacts. You can take measurements of your television and purchase a box that is the same size.

Wardrobe Box

If you are moving dresses and suits that shouldn’t be folded consider using a wardrobe box. These large cardboard boxes also feature a metal bar insert you can use to hang clothing. It’s also a convenient way of packing clothes. Simply take them out of the closet and hang them in the box.

Custom Crating

Sometimes people have unusually shaped, delicate, or valuable items they want to move. In these instances, custom crating is the best choice. Professional Chicagoland movers can take measurements of the item in question and build a wooden crate around it. Any open spaces inside the crate are filled with packing materials to keep it secure.

File Boxes

Any paperwork, household files, and documentation you plan on moving will be safe and sound in professional file boxes. These boxes are set up to hold file folders with ease. It’s another part of the packing process that is hassle-free. Just transfer the files into the box and place the lid on it.

Plastic Storage Containers

If you have large amounts of clothing, blankets, and other soft things like pillows and stuffies, consider storing them in plastic totes. These convenient containers are reusable so you can fill them with extra linens and blankets and slide them into closets in the new home.

Insulated Foam Coolers

When making a local move, you might want to take the food from your fridge and freezer along with you. Pick up a few insulated foam coolers, add some ice packs, and use them to transport your food to the new home.

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