Senior Moving Tips from Chicago Long-Distance Movers

Whether you are retiring somewhere warm or moving to another state to be closer to family, a lot of planning and preparation goes into a senior long-distance move. Many times, senior long-distance moves involve leaving a long-term home and/or downsizing. Working with a Chicago long-distance moving company will ensure that your upcoming transition goes smoothly.

5 Long-Distance Moving Tips for Seniors 

Boyer-Rosene is a reputable Chicago moving company that knows all the ins and outs of long-distance moving for seniors. Take these moving tips into consideration if you are looking into downsizing your home or helping a loved one with an upcoming long-distance move. 

1. Work with a Moving Company that Shares Your Communication Preferences

When it comes to working with a moving company, communication is key. There are so many ways that a moving company can communicate with you such as phone calls, video calls, emails, and text messages. It is important to ensure that your moving company can communicate with you based on your communication preferences. 

2. Provide Ample Time for Downsizing 

If you are moving out of your long-term home and/or moving into a smaller space, it is important to set aside ample time for downsizing. You will have to decide which items you will be bringing with you on your new journey. Some of these decisions can be tough, so it is important to have a lot of time to think things over. Items that you decide to leave behind can be sold at a garage sale, given to friends or family, or donated. 

3. Consider Full-Service Packing and Unpacking Options

Even if you are downsizing your home, ensuring that all of your belongings are packed properly for safe arrival can be stressful. If you want to relieve stress and save time packing and unpacking, consider hiring a long-distance moving company. Moving companies usually have full-service packing and unpacking options to relieve headaches and save you time. These services can also be helpful if you are coordinating a move for an out-of-state relative. 

4. Consider Relocation of Medical Equipment 

If you or your relative need to move any medical equipment, make sure that you know the proper steps to transport it safely. Talk with your moving company to ensure that the medical equipment is packed and stored correctly so it will function properly upon arrival. 

5. Coordinate Transportation of People and Pets 

A long-distance move can put a lot of stress on you, your family, and even your pets. To reduce the stress of relocation, it is important to keep everyone’s comfort in mind when coordinating transportation. All pets should remain in the company of owners during the move to keep them comfortable. Being accompanied by a close friend or relative is also an option for reducing relocation stress. 

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