Our Chicago movers have been in the business of relocating homes for over 50 years, and we’re always surprised to hear customers give up on their beautiful plants. Your houseplants are living proof of the pride you take in your home, and we believe that moving is never a reason to let them go.

By taking the proper protective measures, you can easily relocate your beautiful green flowers, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, cacti, palms– you name it. Here are 5 things to keep in mind while you attempt to relocate your darlings, whether you choose to work with a moving company like Boyer Rosene or not. Even long distance moves and interstate relocations are no match for these plant-saving tips…

1.  Ditch the Clay Pots:

Sturdy plastics can resist shattering, which prevents spilled dirt all over your car (or moving truck). Be sure to give your plants a few weeks to adjust to their new home before the move. Don’t part with your clay pot altogether, simply wrap them up with newspaper and store them in a box for later on.

1.  Always Prune:

Pruning back wayward leaves makes your plants take up less space, while ensuring denser growth later on. Be sure to look up care specifications first, as not all plants should be pruned.

2.  Stop Watering 2 Days Prior:

You won’t want mud or dirty water to leak along the way to your new home. Don’t worry, most plants are built to survive a 2-day drought and more. They’ll be fine, and you’ll be saved from the possibility of a leaky box breaking mid-move.

3.  Pack Your Plants:

Our household movers recommend wrapping big plants in bedsheets before boxing them to avoid leaves catching on the sides of your box. Surround the base of the box with newspaper to secure your pot in place and prevent damage. Remember to reinforce heavy boxes with packing tape and indicate that the box can’t be flipped or stored on its side.

4.  Respond to Transplant Shock:

Transplant shock is a common occurrence in plants that have been repotted or relocated, something our long distance movers have plenty experience with. Depending on the type of plant and the change in climate from your first home to the next, you may need to adjust your regular care routine to better fit your new environment. Don’t panic– more often than not a few adjustments to water and sunlight, a larger pot, and some old-fashioned patience will get your plants back to their spritely condition.

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