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As your business grows or as you aim to stay competitive in the business landscape, the opportunity to move into a larger, newer, more-conveniently located or otherwise better space might become a necessity. When the time is right to relocate your business or office, hiring experienced professional commercial movers, rather than just any Chicago office moving company, can save your company time and money in the long run.

Similar to residential moving, business relocation can be a huge hassle—especially for those trying to keep a business running throughout the process of a move. With all the office equipment, furniture, computers, and other business resources that need to be organized, packed and transported with care, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Full-service professional Chicago office movers can be a lifesaver for the small business with basic moving needs as well as the large corporation with more extensive requirements – and all offices in between.

Expertise of Commercial Office Moving Professionals

Full-service commercial moving companies are more than just two guys and a truck. With expertise in the industry, profession al commercial office movers have the knowledge, skills and resources that are essential to an office relocation in Chicago.

However, not all commercial movers are created equal. If you want the job done right, it is important to choose a reliable Chicago business relocation company. At Boyer-Rosene, an affiliate of Bekins Van Lines, our team of moving experts have the necessary skill sets and experience our customers need to overcome the challenges of business relocation.

Offering fully trained and skilled manpower, state-of-the-art moving equipment, proper packing materials and techniques for sensitive equipment, project management services and moving logistics you need, our office movers deliver relocation solutions without the hassle.

Make a Smooth Transition Into Your New Space

Hiring a commercial mover for your business relocation will make the transition less stressful on your team. The professional movers will do the heavy lifting, and the move won’t take up much of your employees’ time—so that you can keep up productivity throughout the course of the move as much as possible, and get right back to work as soon as it’s finished. However, for a smooth process, it is important to hire a Chicago office moving company with a proven track record for the best outcome possible. The wrong company could wind up wasting your time and costing you more money in lost business.

Professionalism and Expert Moving Techniques

Instead of using your employees’ precious time on tasks unrelated to their jobs, hiring professional movers can keep everyone focused on keeping the business afloat during a move. Professional movers can take over for you and execute the move from start to finish, with comprehensive moving services that include logistics and planning, packing, crating, transportation, unloading, set-up, and more. With a company like Boyer-Rosene taking over your commercial move, you can be sure that your belongings and office equipment are protected and well-taken care of, and that we’ll have your new office up and running in no time.

Worry-Free Moving

Moving is a complicated process that requires plenty of planning and organization, especially when it’s for a commercial business. If your office workers are not experienced in the process of moving an office, various steps can be overlooked which could lead to problems down the road if things go missing, expensive equipment is damaged, or other important tasks are left unchecked.

By hiring professional movers, you will have a second set of expert eyes to make sure that nothing gets missed, left behind, or mismanaged. Expert movers will work with you to develop detailed inventory lists, a dedicated moving plan, and calendar, and will be sure to see to it that everything is in order and taken care of for a no-hassle, worry-free moving experience.

Your Trusted Chicago Business Relocation Company

Finding a reliable Chicago office moving company can be time-consuming, complicated, and stressful. If you want peace of mind while moving your office, consider hiring the most trusted Chicago business relocation company—Boyer-Rosene to help you make a smooth and productive transition into your new space.

For more than 50 years, Boyer-Rosene has been dedicated to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction with our top quality commercial, residential, and specialized moving and storage services. Because we put our customers first, we accommodate after-hour and weekend schedules, as well as free on-site estimates.

As one of the biggest movers in Chicago, we have also catered to big names such as Starbucks, Kraft Foods, Sidley Austin, Northwestern University and Northwestern Memorial Hospital, as well as The ABA. Our services include:

  • Corporate Relocation
  • Office and Industrial Relocation
  • Local, Long-Distance, and International Household Moves
  • Tradeshow Transportation
  • Long-term Storage
  • Records Management

If you want to know more about our commercial moving services, give our team a call at Boyer-Rosene today. Alternatively, you can also get started now with a free, no-obligation, on-site moving estimate at your current location by filling out our online form. Contact us today and find out how we can help you with your move!