Jim May has been a salesperson with Boyer Rosene for over 37 years.  We are proud to call him part of the Boyer Rosene family. Jim has worked with thousands of clients over his 37 year career, and without him and other like Jim, Boyer Rosene would never be the company that they are today. Jim may be leaving Boyer Rosene as he retires, but he will never be forgotten.

Boyer Rosene have been open for over 50 years. Early in the career of this company Jim came on to help us growing our grass roots moving company in to the Chicago powerhouse it is today. Being a Chicago Moving Company means that we need to be the best around to service those who expect more out of their services. We must be better today than we were yesterday to continue to grow into the company we want to be. We will be able to do that as long as Boyer Rosene continues to see amazing employees like Jim May!