The most expensive move is almost always an international one.  Since you are hiring a moving company to take your entire home and move it overseas it takes much more time, effort, care, and money. If you’re planning an international move you should first decide how long you plan to be gone. If your move is a short term one (several months or years) it may be more cost effective to leave many items behind. You can always rent a self storage unit to keep your items in good condition until you return. If the international move is a permanent one you may be looking to move your entire home. Here are some tips on how to save every penny.

1.  Hire an experienced company. An international move isn’t the place to try and save money on a moving company. You will need to find a company that has background and experience with an international move. A moving company like Boyer- Rosene can actually save you money in the long run. They understand the customs and cost involved in moving overseas.

2. Only pack what you need. A big part of moving is weeding out the items you simply don’t need. There’s no point in spending good money to move items you will never need or use. Start organizing before you pack and get rid of anything that you don’t use on a constant basis. Consider holding a garage sale or donating the extra items to charity.

3. Consider purchasing new furniture. One of the most expensive things to move overseas is furniture. It is bulky and often weighs a lot. Consider leaving your furniture behind in storage or selling it before your move. You can purchase new furniture for your new home or even look for a furnished home or apartment overseas.

4. Ship some of your items. The more items you can bring with you the less you will be charged by your moving company. Try bringing a couple of bags on the plane or even shipping lighter items like bedding and clothing.

5. Weigh your options. An international move is always about the weight. It costs more to ship, move, or stow items on a place if they weigh more. Consider weeding out your heavier items like books, papers, furniture, and knick- knacks. You will save a lot of money and energy!