Let’s face it; no one really likes to move. No matter how organized and together you are all the packing and taking your home apart can be very stressful. It’s also a lot of extra work to do getting your home ready to move. But there are certain parts of moving in Chicago that are more difficult than others. If you know what these are in advance you can often find ways to make them easier. Here are the top five worst things about moving and how to make them easier!

1. The cost. One of the biggest stressors for people and families when they are planning a move is the cost. Moving can end up costing you hundreds and sometimes into the thousands of dollars. But take heart; there are many ways to cut costs when moving. You can do all the packing yourself and have the movers only do the hauling. You can rent your own truck and move yourself with the help of friends and family. Look at your moving budget and find ways to cut costs.

2. All the organizing. For many people, especially those with super busy schedules, all the organizing and cleaning can be the worst part of moving. How to handle this? You can start early and just do a half an hour of organizing everyday so it doesn’t seem like such a chore. Or devote an entire Saturday to get all the chores done in one day.

3. Last minute packing panic. This is the part of moving I dislike the most! One way to deal with last minute packing stress is to hire your movers to do the packing for you. Our movers at Boyer- Rosene came in and finished all the packing in no time. It cost a little extra money but it saved up tons of time and energy in the end. Totally worth every penny.

4. Making a mess of your home. Many people can’t stand all the clutter and chaos that comes with moving day. You end up spending weeks living out of boxes while you’re trying to put up the whole house. It can be a mess! Try packing one room at a time and leave the most used rooms like the kitchen and living room, for last.

5. All the unpacking. The movers have come and gone and you’re happily all set up in your new home. The move is over, right? No! There’s lots of unpacking to do which can end up taking weeks. Try keeping it to a minimum and unpack a couple boxes a day. Plan on eating out for the rest of the week until everything is settled.