Moving can be tough on everyone in the household and that includes your pets! If you are planning to move this year and are taking your pets along you should know that it can often be a stressful and scary time for pets. They can act out by regressing in their training, refusing to eat or play, or simply becoming over stimulated. There are ways to make the move easier for your pets though. You can help to keep the environment as calm and soothing as possible during the chaos of the move. Here are some other tips to help your pet with moving day.

1. Leave one room alone. When you’re busy with all the packing and organizing your old home tends to get a bit messy and disheveled. This can be very distressing to a pet that is used to things being the same way. To help with matters, keep one room in your home the same so your pet will feel safe and familiar.

2. Keep your pet on their regular routine. Pets also can get very stressed out when their routines are off. They are creatures of habit and do best when they eat, sleep, and are played with at the same time every day. Even with all the moving craziness, do your best to keep your pet on their regular schedule.

3. Introduce them to their new environment early. One way to keep your pet from getting upset when you move into your new home is to show him the environment before you actually move. A week or so before the move take your pet over to the new home. Allow them to sniff around the home and the yard and get used to the new sights, smells, and sounds. This will make the transition easier for everyone.

4. Have a friend or family member watch them on moving day. It can be difficult for you, the movers, and your pet when moving day arrives. Do yourself and them a favor and try to keep them away from the movers from Boyer- Rosene and all the moving day chaos. Ask a family member to watch them for the day or consider boarding them for the afternoon until the movers are finished.

5. Designate one room for your pet. When you move into your new home make one of the rooms just for your pet. This will help them get used to the home faster and they will feel like they have one safe environment to go to.

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