Did you know that summer is the busiest season for moving? No school, warm weather, and extended daylight hours make moving easier and more pleasant for everyone.

A summer move calls for a bit of extra preparation to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From booking your moving company to making sure that everything is set up at your new place, a summer move will keep you busy.

Don’t worry if you are feeling overwhelmed. Below is a comprehensive list to help you stay organized as you plan your summer relocation.

1.) Book Your Moving Company

For a summer move, you should begin researching movers as soon as you know that you will be relocating. We recommend thinking about what moving services you will require in advance and be ready with questions. As a full-service moving company, Boyer-Rosene offers customizable plans and a variety of services from packing and furniture assembly to storage. Our friendly moving consultants are always available to chat about your move and answer any questions.

Plan to make a final decision and secure your moving date about 16 weeks prior to moving day.

2.) Declutter

You can use your move as an opportunity to do a thorough spring (or early summer) cleaning about 8 to 12 weeks before you move. If you find that you are getting rid of a lot of items, you might consider having a yard sale.

3.) Complete Paperwork

Moving comes with a lot of paperwork. We advise making a list of paperwork about 4 to 6 weeks before your move and completing a few tasks a week. The tasks on your list may include:

  • Change of Address Forms for Mail Forwarding
  • Update Your Driver’s License with the DMV
  • Inform Health Care Providers and Transfer Medical Records
  • School Enrollment Forms
  • Set Up Utilities and Internet
  • Voting Registration

4.) Start Packing

Begin the packing process early, as in 4-6 weeks prior to your move. Getting a head start will make things easier as you get closer to moving day. Start with the things you aren’t currently using like winter clothes and accessories and label your boxes by room. And don’t forget to buy plenty of packing supplies including boxes, a box cutter, packing peanuts, packing tape, and bubble wrap. And if you want to skip this step, just let us know and our expert packing team will help you pack up on moving day!

5.) Clean Your House(s)

You should do a deep clean of your current place before you leave. This can be done a week prior to moving day or even the day before. Be sure to clean out your fridge and pantry as well! And if circumstances allow, you might also consider cleaning your new place or hiring a cleaning service to do it for you.

6.) Finish Packing, Stay Hydrated, and Rest

Moving day is almost here! Get a good night’s rest, eat a good meal, and finish up all your last-minute packing. Don’t forget to stay hydrated during your summer move!

How Boyer-Rosene Can Assist with Your Summer Move

We would love to assist with your summer relocation. As a BBB accredited, A rated company with a focus on customer satisfaction, you can trust us to help with everything from packing and moving to furniture assembly and storage. We handle local moves, long-distance moves, international moves, commercial moves, specialized moves, and logistics. Reach out today to speak with our friendly team and get a quote.