If you have found yourself looking for options to free up space in your home this winter, Boyer-Rosene has the solutions for you. We offer flexible storage services that you can utilize this winter season.

However, you may be curious about what sets our storage services apart from the rest of the storage providers. This article will cover some of the primary benefits of choosing us for your winter storage services. 

Storage Warehouses Are Climate-Controlled 

During the winter, the extreme temperatures can affect the condition of your household belongings. If you want to protect your items throughout the winter, you should keep them with Boyer-Rosene. 

We have climate-controlled warehouse facilities that maintain a safe temperature for your items. Once you place your items in our storage facilities, you can rest assured they will remain in proper condition. 

Modern Theft and Fire Prevention Systems

When you choose Boyer-Rosene, your items will be protected from the unexpected. Our storage facilities have theft and fire prevention systems to minimize the risk to your items.

Throughout the storage service, we will provide 24/7 monitoring that keeps track of your belongings. We value the safety of your household or business items and will work to ensure they are protected.

Items Are Placed in Safe Environments 

Professional storage services are a suitable choice when you want a safe place to put your belongings. Boyer-Rosene will place your items in secure wooden vaults that keep them protected from rodent damage and dust.

Additionally, we will add padding and wrapping to your large items that can't fit in a vault. Our team adds high-quality padding to cushion your belongings from damage during storage. 

Belongings Can Be Shipped to the Residence

Along with protecting your belongings, Boyer-Rosene offers convenient shipments to your desired location. We will keep your items organized and provide an efficient shipping time.

Depending on your requirements, we can ship your items after the winter season is over. Additionally, you can visit our storage warehouse to pick up your items.

Learn More About Our Storage Services Today

Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage is a leading provider of storage services in Chicago and Arlington Heights. If you want to keep your items stored in our storage warehouses, we offer short-term and long-term options.

Contact us today to request a free storage estimate and learn more about our service options. Call to speak with one of our friendly representatives or fill out the online quote form to get started.