Are you preparing for a spring move? Since spring is a very popular time of year to relocate, we thought it would be helpful for our Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage team to give out some tips and tricks to making your next spring move successful. From weather changes to bulky moves, our team has seen it all! As long as you take the time to preplan your move, we know you will be okay, but follow these tips and you could be stress free!

Make Plans for if it Rains

If you are planning on moving any time from March through May you should make extra plans for if it suddenly starts to rain. Thankfully we do have a weather forecast that you can watch as your moving date gets closer. However, it is always best to have your items wrapped in plastic and waterproof coverings for your boxes just in case. If you do not have water proof floors you should also cover them with towels or floor coverings if it has rained at all the day before you move. You will not want to ruin your old or new floors.

Clean Out Your Home

Spring cleaning always comes through family homes like a storm, but if you are moving this spring, you should start cleaning everything out weeks before you move. You will not want to waste time packing all the items you really do not need in your new home. Take the time to set up a garage sale or you can donate your items to a local shelter. Just make sure you are not making extra work for yourself by bringing it with you.

Move During School Hours

The best time to move is when you have the least responsibilities and if you have children, that is when they are in school or daycare. You will not want to add another level of stress to your life by having your small children running around your home. If they cannot help with the moving process, it is always best to find somewhere they can go during this stressful time. You can even make it an exciting surprise for them to come home to their brand-new rooms!

Call A Moving Company ASAP

Moving during the spring is very popular and local moving companies can only do so many moves in a day. If you have a specific date in mind, that will make your whole moving process easier, you need to call a moving company as soon as possible. You do not want to have to replan your entire move around a lack of availability.

The moving company at Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage would love to be your spring mover. Call us today to get started on a residential moving and storage estimate. We can also make sure that the day you need is available!