Are you wondering if your storage needs are unique? At Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage we put together a list of the most common needs for storage in Chicago. Do not hesitate to contact our storage team if you have any specific storage questions. Safe storage is our specialty.


If you are going through the process of downsizing your home, storage is always a must have. For a lot of people downsizing may not be permanent or it may include not wanting to get rid of timeless treasures. We often see that people will store their family heirlooms or pictures if they have decided to move to a smaller residence.


Remodeling your home is a stressful and messy process. It is not uncommon for storage to be needed to create extra space for contractors while also protecting the items in each room of your home. If you are tearing down walls or creating a dust filled space, putting your items into storage will offer them great protection until your remodel is done.

House Staging

When homeowners who are trying to sell their homes they have to make each room look perfect in order to get the best price. If your realtor comes through your home and wants you to get rid of large or bulky pieces of furniture or pictures, short-term storage is the perfect solution. You may also find it useful to get storage that is in your home out of your house for staging purposes.

Closing Pushed Back

Unfortunately, in the buying and selling of home markets we are currently living in, having your closing pushed back is not uncommon. When you have to be out of your old home, but have nowhere to go, this often pushes family into small and cramped living spaces. Since these spaces usually cannot hold an entire house, storage is the best solution. Families will go through their items and only take what is necessary for the short amount of time they have in-between homes.

Clutter Storage

We often see individuals need household storage to help clear out clutter around their homes. From Christmas décor to timeless treasures that no one wants to part from, we have seen it all. At Boyer-Rosene Moving & Storage we can take any type of storage for the long haul or for a short period of time. Simply call us today and tell us how we can best service you. Our free quotes are customizable and can be made perfect for your storage experience.