Moving in any season has its benefits and drawbacks. Winter moving season generally means less traffic, no pesky flies, and you’re likely to avoid heat exhaustion. Still, you will need to make some preparations to have a successful residential move in the winter months.

While winter weather can be unpredictable, there are specific steps you can take to help navigate changes as they arise. We hope it’s a clear, dry moving day. Still, just in case, Boyer-Rosene Moving and Storage company has put together five steps to help prepare for your winter residential move.

Keep Travel Paths Clear

If your area is susceptible to wintery weather, it can make for a messy moving day. Several days leading up to and on moving day, make sure you clear walkways, driveways, and loading areas. Keep snow shovels, kitty litter or sand, and cardboard accessible to help keep these areas clear.

Protect Your Floors

With high traffic coming in and out of the house, your floors and carpets stand a greater risk of damage during winter. Ensure that you have good heavy-duty mats in and out of the doorways. You can also lay down blankets and towels in these areas.

Take Precaution with Fragile Items

Depending on where you live, temperatures can dip well below freezing. Sub temperatures make glass and other fragile household items more susceptible to sudden breaking. If you place these items on a truck, ensure they have extra padding.

Monitor Utilities

You don’t want to move into a freezing house, so before moving day, ensure the utilities in your new home are turned on and running. Conversely, the open doors from moving items in and out will run the heating bill up at the old house, so make sure the temperature is comfortable but not cranked up.

Don’t Pack All Winter Essentials

Anything can happen during winter weather driving, so bear that in mind. Make sure you keep a few essentials accessible, such as: Blankets, snow shovels, ice melts, and a towing rope. You'll be prepared if you find yourself in an emergency road situation.

Final Thoughts

Moving in the winter may provide appealing advantages, but it could also require additional work. Still, with careful planning, you can have a smooth winter move. Contact the experienced team at Boyer-Rosene if you'd rather hire a professional household mover.