Getting items out of your garage during a home relocation can be tricky, especially when you have all manner of things in there. However, you can be as adept as a professional home mover when you follow these tips.


If you’re unable to drive one or several of your automobiles to your new residence, or you have a throwback kit/hobby car you need to transport, many professional moving companies can accommodate different sizes of vehicles. Perhaps the vehicle is vintage and worth a lot of money. Consider buying additional reimbursement coverage to cover the value in the event of accidental damage during transport.

Moving Motorcycles

Motorcycles are heavy, and there’s a potential of them tipping over. That’s why you should employ special care for their safety during a move. Specialized crating with proper tie-down straps is recommended. Besides, motorcycle shipping crates can be purchased on the internet. However, your local moving and storage company has experts prepped for motorcycle shipping.

Paints and Flammable Liquids

Before moving, dispose of any liquids, especially those that are flammable. Also, check with your local government office about the guidelines for disposing of hazardous liquids before your long-distance movers move your belongings.


While moving pads and straps offer protection for the exterior of your grill, ensure that grates and other items within the grill are properly secured so they don’t damage the grill’s interior during transport. Ge rid of any charcoal briquettes and propane tanks before transport because the tanks are prone to exploding while in transit. You can also sell your propane tanks.

Lawncare & Landscaping Items

If your new residence requires no yard work, try selling your lawn mower and other yard care tools to a friend, family member, or neighbor. Also, consider leaving them behind as a welcome gift for the new occupant to use.

If you want to take the items with you, most yard tools are designed to be rough anyway. That means you don’t have to ask residential movers to give them any special treatment. Just make sure all fuel containers are properly disposed of.


Like many homeowners, you might have a tool chest in your garage. Place every tool inside the chest and lock the doors and drawers so they don’t open during the moving process. If you have equipment with many complex parts, consider crating them. A professional residential moving company can help you decide if that step would be necessary. Also, use any wheel locking mechanism on your tool chest once in the truck to prevent any movement during transport.

Unwanted Items

Over the years, unwanted items can steadily build up in your garage. It’s nice to know that you can drop many household items you don’t need at a local charity. If you have large items like unwanted patio furniture or grills, consider leaving them on the curb the day before garbage pickup. Local scrappers passing through neighborhoods on garbage pickup days can sell such items to a local facility for their scrap value.

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