Planning a move, whether local or long-distance, can be pretty stressful because there are many challenges to anticipate and many things to put in place. If you have collectible items, you are probably also worried about how you’re going to transport them to your new home safely such that whether they’re fragile or not, they can get to your new home without a single scratch. Well, no need to worry so much because, in this article, our experienced Chicago long-distance movers will be sharing a few tips for moving your collectible items safely.

Our residential movers in Chicago provide tips for transporting your collectible items safely while relocating: 

Use Proper Packing Supplies for Smaller Items

There are quite a number of supplies that you can use to provide additional protection for your collectible items during a move. These packing supplies include packing paper, packing peanuts, bubble rolls, cardboard boxes with dividers, etc. While choosing your packing supplies, you should go for corrugated cardboard boxes rather than regular paperboard-type cardboards. You also want to use acid-free packing paper to wrap each box and bubble roll to provide padding for your boxed collectibles to avoid damage during transportation.

Although it’s necessary to use tape when securing your wrapping material or bubble roll padding around your items, you also need to avoid allowing your tape to touch the sensitive parts of your items. Of course, there are other things to consider that professional long-distance movers may understand. So, you may want to consider using professional packing and unpacking services to ensure that your collectibles are securely packed for transportation.

Use Moving Blankets and Crating for Larger Items

Usually, professional residential movers in Chicago often use moving blankets for outer layer padding of larger items during transportation. This way, your large collectibles can get extra protection during transportation. You can also request customized wood crating from your chosen professional moving company. The custom wood crating will be created to fit the size of your large collectibles to ensure minimal movement or shifting during transportation.

Protection Planning and Coverage

Are you thinking about how to get protection coverage for your collectibles? Well, you should probably understand the difference between basic valuation coverage and full value protection. Usually, by law, most moving companies provide free basic valuation coverage, also known as release value protection. This valuation coverage allows you to receive damage reimbursement based on the weight of your item and not the replacement value. However, this isn’t necessarily good for you because many collectible items are light in weight, and you will probably receive poor financial reimbursement if your collectible items are damaged during transportation.

That’s why you should request the full replacement value protection options that are available for purchase for your items from your Chicago moving company. Of course, you should also self-transport your smaller and valuable items like jewelry, coins, stamps, and card collections. And if self-transportation is not an option, you can also use specialty, insured shipping services.

Warehouse Storage

If the home you’re moving into is under renovation or unable to accept your household items for one reason or the other, you may want to consider getting secure warehouse storage from a professional moving company that offers premium storage services. You also want to choose a professional moving company that can provide enclosed wood vaults for safety. Also, you should seek climate-controlled storage units if your collectibles are sensitive to temperature.

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