Wheaton is home to a great housing market, a booming job economy, and a thriving cultural downtown. As the top Wheaton moving company, the movers at Boyer-Rosene have a deep love of the area and a commitment to continually serve you better.

Why should you consider a move to Wheaton?

Outdoor Activities

Numerous parks and trails abound in Wheaton. With smaller, family-friendly hikes and parks and longer trails, Wheaton offers something for everyone. Parks in the area offer numerous running paths, playground, tennis and basketball courts, as well as baseball and soccer fields.


Downtown Wheaton offers numerous shops, restaurants, and other amenities. Fairs and carnivals are standard for summer, providing the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy some sunshine.

Job Opportunities

Wheaton has both a low unemployment rate as well as numerous opportunities for various jobs. Finding the perfect career for you is easy in Wheaton.

Expert Movers Who Get You There Stress Free

Boyer-Rosene serves Wheaton residents with all your household moving needs, providing both local and long distance residential movers at a budget-friendly price. Moving to Wheaton is simpler than ever with Boyer-Rosene. From the initial estimate to the final box being placed, Boyer-Rosene can create a customized move to fit your exact specifications.

When it’s time to find the perfect household movers, trust Boyer-Rosene to assist in your move with complete attention to detail and a dedication to providing a stress-free relocation. Contact Boyer-Rosene today to begin planning your move and to submit a free, online quote