Itasca, IL is one of the most beautiful cities in Illinois, combining the natural and untapped beauty of rural America with the charming design of a lush retreat from urban life. Chicago may just be a short train ride away, but upon entering Itasca, you’ll feel worlds away from skyscrapers and industry. This sleepy village takes pride in preserving and sharing its classic architecture, lush fields, and charming history as a family-oriented, and tight-knit community. 

Nature Trail

Our Itasca movers love the area for its rich history. Several preservation initiatives have preserved the historic grace of this village, keeping some beautiful landmarks and parks alive to this day, including: 

  • The Spring Brook Nature Center: This lush space is filled with flora and fauna, teeming with a sense of the local wilderness.
  • The Spire: Itasca’s most famous landmark, this church rooftop is a magnificent reminder of the city’s German roots. Built in 1907, this former Lutheran church is a site to see. 
  • The Historical District: Beautiful homes of the early 1900’s line the streets of the historical district, which spans several blocks.

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Our Expert Itasca Movers Can Make Your Move Stress-Free

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