Suburban Park

A big debate for people living in the Chicagoland area is whether they should live in the suburbs or the city.

Certainly, there are pros and cons to both, but in many cases the pros for the suburbs seem to outweigh the cons. Arlington Heights local movers, Boyer Rosene, have been moving people around the Chicagoland area for years and we have seen many people move between the city and suburbs.

We noticed there are a wide variety of reasons for those moves, but there seem to be consistent reasons why people leave the city:

  • Space- More green space, bigger houses, and larger yards are just a few reasons why people leave the city.  Chicago does a great job of building parks, but it can still quite a walk to get to the closest one. People enjoy having an area for their kids to play or to walk their dog without being on a busy sidewalk.
  • Noise- While many apartments and condos downtown have soundproofed their buildings, the noise of traffic and people goes at all hours.  There are very few places where you can find peace and quiet.
  • Cost of Living- The cost of living in the suburbs is much cheaper than downtown.  Even if the prices of items are comparable, the added taxes will burn a hole in your wallet. You can also get more for your money in the suburbs so you can have a bigger house or a nicer car.
  • Traffic- Generally, the suburban traffic is much tamer and less congested.  There are a wide variety of ways to get places so you don’t have to be stuck in gridlock traffic especially on those days with parades and celebrations.
  • Community- Each suburb is their own community.  They all have their own personality that is reflective in the buildings, downtowns, shops, restaurants, and events. When you move to a suburb, you become part of that town and neighborhood.

These five reasons are just a few common ones that our movers have heard.  They are great reasons to move to the suburbs and they are great reasons to stay in the suburbs.  Even if you move in between towns, you still get to enjoy all of those benefits.

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