Arlington Heights Residential Mover Review by Leon W.

We sold our home early and had to move and store our stuff for 3 months. Called Bekins and they covered everything and have an estimate. We had them pack our house and they did everything that was not nailed down. Unbelievable, they packed on day one and a crew came in and loaded the truck the next day. Faster than my entire family could do it. They did a great job of getting everything out without any damage and covered the floors. 3 months later truck came in and unloaded with the same care and concern as we would have. We had a treadmill and tempurpedic bed that required special handling and they did it all disassembled and readsembled. The crews were also very personable and played out the gameplan for everything. Asked questions and made sure the boxes went to the right rooms and assembled tables cabinets etc. They have it nailed!!! Very customer focused. Carefree moving and storage. Leon